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The Young Athletes Forum (YAF) is the first international conference specifically dedicated to health and performance in young athletes. It aims to reach all those interested in pediatric and adolescent sports and exercise medicine. Thus includes not only medical professionals, but the full range of stakeholders involved in youth care, training, development, be it on the physical, the psychological or the academic and social side as well.

During the inaugural two-day conference on September 21st and 22nd, pre-eminent international clinicians, sports scientists, researchers and coaches will present their innovative work and ideas and share their expertise in the field. We are very grateful for their presence and are aware of the commitment they all make to communicate their knowledge and help translating it into daily athlete management settings.

The YAF Scientific Committee is convinced that optimal science communication needs to rely on principles of open sharing and widespread dissemination. We therefore acknowledge the use and benefits of social media and online platforms to achieve these goals. Many scientific events in recent years have shown that some simple social media principles can help reach many more interested people and generate new ideas and practical applications. Not only does this allow for permanent information availability, it also encourages two-way communication beyond the event at the Montreux Convention Center.

We encourage participants, speakers and people following the conference off-site through the various social media channels to share, comment, discuss and debate the ideas and concepts presented live at the venue.

Some ground rules are useful, in order to allow for an enjoyable social media experience for everyone involved:

Be nice and respectful of speakers and participants
The use of social media at YAF is no place for offensive, abusive, hostile, disrespectful or harassing comments or content. Photographs are admissible at a public event, but if someone expresses the wish to not be portrayed on social media, please respect it.

Sharing speakers’ slides or quotes
It is commonly accepted to share images taken from conference presentations or quotes from the speakers. YAF assumes that all conference presentation are sharable by default. If a speaker wishes for his content to be restricted to the venue, it is his or her right, and it needs to be communicated at the start of the presentation clearly. Speakers are encouraged to use the following « no social media » image on the slides that they wish excluded from the social media conversation.

Please mind that in this case « no social media » includes all social media platforms. When tweeting or sharing messages expressed by the speakers, please stay true to their intended meaning, and do not take them out of context.

no social media

No recording or broadcasting without authorisation
Recording or reproducing audio, video or live broadcasting (for instance through applications such as Facebook Live or Periscope) any content presented at the conference unless written permission from the Scientific and Organisation Committees is prohibited. It is however tolerated to share short audio or video content of a duration up to 60 seconds. YAF2017 will be filmed and the full presentation will be available on the conference website after the event, free of charge.

Be responsible when using social media
Participants, speakers and organisers use social media under their own responsibility and it is not acceptable to impersonate any third party or organisation.

Follow us and use the conference official hashtag
We encourage all delegates to interact on social media, and please not that YAF2017 will be primarily shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Follow the conference and use the official hashtag #yaf2017 to stay on top of latest updates and join the conversation.

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